Delivery Information

Delivery address is the address where your order will be delivered by cargo. If you have not ordered before, you will not have a registered address.

To enter a new delivery address, click on the 'Add New Address' link and enter a name that will remind you of your delivery address in the 'Address Title' section. (Ex: My Home Address, My Business Address etc.). When filling in the details of your delivery address, please make sure that you enter the address completely and correctly.

The Correspondence section is the person to whom your packages will be delivered by the cargo personnel and the cargo personnel will not deliver your cargo packages to anyone else except for this person and his / her 1st degree relative.

If your billing address contains the same address as the delivery address, it checks the same address box so that the same address automatically appears in the Billing address information and is saved.

If you want to enter a different billing address, you can enter a different address from the delivery address for your billing address by clicking 'Add New Address' link in the Invoice address information section.

However, the invoice and product will arrive at the same address. Once all your information is correct and complete, you can proceed to the next step by clicking 'Save'. You can change or delete your saved delivery and billing addresses in My Account.

Important Note: Please do not enter the addresses of the shipping branches as the delivery address.