2866 Aluminum Wheel Chair

2866 Aluminum Wheel Chair

Manufactured from aluminum alloy,
Interior and exterior spaces available,
Accessories such as head and foot support can be added,
Folding the rear wheels removed,
Folding backrest,
Which lift arm upwards,
Foot rests are removable,
You would not fall back foot lower leg support,
Soft silicone sealants rear wheel,
Fill the front wheels,
Know folding chassis,
Mechanical gray chassis,
Blue and black seating and backrest cushion,
Seating cushions can be used as a summer and winter,
With a weight of 15 kg,
120 kg capacity,
46 cm width seating,
42 cm seat depth,
Backrest height 42 cm,
Seat height 52 cm,
External width of 66 cm,
105 cm length,

Trait Properties

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