Seated Battery Operated Wheelchair - 7860 Comfort

Technical Features:

Sachet Body: Seat splits off from the product with ratch
Engine: 200 watt 2 engines        
Joystick: Professional Pg Driver VSI (USA)
Battery Type: 28 Ap jel Battery 2
Charging Time: 6 Hours
Speed: 6 Km
Range: 20 – 25 Km
Bearing Capacity: 130 Kg
Weight: 65 Kg
Front Wheel: Pu Foam Padding 200x50
Back Wheel: Pu Foam Pneumatic  12-1/2
Seat: Orthopedic leather seat. Back becomes flat, movable
Inside Width: 50 Cm
Exterior Width: 63 Cm
Color: Steel Blue
Guarantee Period: 3 Years

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