7896 Off Road Full Version Power Wheel Chair

7896 Off-Road Battery- Operated Wheelchair Specifications

Chassis Body : Orthopedic Seat, Lying Back, Lifting Feet, Side Armrests Can Expand And Shrink, Head Supported, With Shock Absorber, Chair Height Control, Fully Equipped, With Mudguard

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Motor : 2 Motion Tech Engines With 550 Watts Usa
Joystick : Professional Pg Driver Vsı England
Headlight Equipment : Lamp, Signal Device, Parking All
Battery Type : 55 Apr Gel Battery 2 Units
Charge Time : 5 Hours
Speed : 12 Km.
Range : 50 Km.
Capacity : 200 Kg.
Weight : 86 Kg.
Leading Wheel : Pu Foam Padding 23 Cm. Diameter
Hind Wheel :  Pneumatic 40 Cm. Diameter
Upholstery : Orthopedic Seat
Inside Width : 50 Cm.
Outside Width : 66 Cm.
Color :  Black, Steel Blue
Damper : 2 Units
Warranty : 3 Years

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