7890 Economic Cheap Wheel Chair

Technical Features:

Chassis Body: Foldable, feet out, drop back seats. Manual driving the latch on the rear wheels, as desired by the user himself can change the drive mode and manual mode
Engine: 250 Watts, 2 Engine
Joystick: Pg VSI
Battery Type: 20 Amps, Battery 2 Pcs
Charging Time: 5 Hours
Speed: 6 Km
Range: 10 - 13 Km
Bearing Capacity: 95 Kg
Weight: 69 Kg
Front Wheel: 200 X50 Filled Tires
Back Wheel: 3 – ½ Pneumatic
Floor: Do not sweat, dirt resistant, non-flammable, easy to clean
Inside Width: 45 Cm
External Width: 63 Cm
Color: Black-Gray
Guarantee Period: 3 Years

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